Limitless imagination

World renowed expertise

Infinite possibilities

Limitless imagination

World renowed expertise

Infinite possibilities

Limitless imagination

World renowed expertise

Infinite possibilities

Infinite possibilities

This-is-Québec is a dynamic platform for Quebec and foreigns entrepreneurs to meet in a one-of- a kind environmen. Original, surprising, exclusive and different, this event seeks to develop sincere and authentic relationships between two rich cultures. This creative haven is the perfect excuse to meet novelty as much as cultural, economic, technological and social innovation. Come and be part of this unique moment.

Brilliant expertise

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Logo blanc - Moment Factory

Moment Factory

Multimedia entertainment studio

Logo blanc - Cirque Éloize

Cirque Éloize

25 years of entertainment

Logo blanc - Groupe Artea

Groupe Artea

Groupe ARTEA is a company of designers who are committed to realizing your...

Logo blanc - Réalisations-Montréal


Ambient Intelligence and Interactive Multimedia experiences, spaces and mom...

Logo blanc - NEWEB LABS INC


We use 3D animation, motion capture, holography and artificial intelligence...



We are image-making artist. Our greatest skills: telling stories and genera...

Logo blanc - GSM Project

GSM Project

Multidisciplinary design and production firm, specializing in visitor exper...

Logo blanc - SimFusion inc.

SimFusion inc.

Software Development firm specialized in custom augmented and Virtual reali...

Logo blanc - Figure 55

Figure 55

Multimedia producer specialized in immersive 360° film, virtual reality an...

Logo blanc - Groupe Samajam Inc.

Groupe Samajam Inc.

Samajam is creator of 200 % live participatory musical shows

Logo blanc - Circo de Bakuza

Circo de Bakuza

International agency for lifestyle, luxury and premium brands

Logo blanc - UNLTD



Logo blanc - Medialogue


Founded in 2012, we have run hundreds of website projects, SEO and web mark...

Logo blanc - Minority Media

Minority Media

Pioneer VR studio focused on location-based VR solutions

Logo blanc - Effendi


Effendi produces creative jazz as part of the wave of modern jazz today. It...

Logo blanc - LUCID DREAMS by Dufour


Lucid Dreams by Dufour is a creator and producer of multiplatform entertain...

Logo blanc - Flip FabriQue

Flip FabriQue

Join Flip FabriQue, the astonishing young company, rising star of the new c...

Logo blanc - Audio Z

Audio Z

To come...

Logo blanc - Gentilhomme


Creation and production of film, interactive experiences, installations and...

Logo blanc - VR Tracker

VR Tracker

VR Tracker enables large scale multiplayer virtual reality experiences.

Logo blanc - Studio Lamajeure

Studio Lamajeure

Lamajeure, established in 1984, is an integrated music production agency an...

Logo blanc - Centre Phi

Centre Phi

Our programming inspires, challenges and innovates by exploring new territo...

Logo blanc - La Web Shop

La Web Shop

Communication and digital marketing agency.



CHAMPAGNE CLUB SANDWICH is a multimedia studio located in Montréal, wholly...

Logo blanc - EKUMEN


Highlighting sound

Logo blanc - Gestion Créative Perreault-Samson  |  Creative Management

Gestion Créative Perreault-Samson | Creative Management

With our extensive experience in world-class companies and with renowned co...

Logo blanc - Solotech


Solotech is a world-class provider of technological solutions in audio, vid...

Logo blanc - Lucion


Lucion Media designs content and multimedia installations for museum and co...

Logo blanc - Cavalia / Groupe Productions Normand Latourelle

Cavalia / Groupe Productions Normand Latourelle

Worldwide creator and producer of large scale shows and entertainement

Logo blanc - DIX au carré

DIX au carré

You dream it we'll make it

Logo blanc - Carpediem Film & TV Inc.

Carpediem Film & TV Inc.

Carpediem is dedicated to the experience of all the senses

Logo blanc - Audio Z

Audio Z

Music composition et sound design for films, shows and VR experiences

Logo blanc - Vantrix


Vantrix provides a complete 360 Virtual Reality glass-to-glass system for b...

Logo blanc - Mademoizelle Fizz

Mademoizelle Fizz

Mademoizelle Fizz is a signer-songwriter with a unique enveloping voice

Logo blanc - Laser Quantum inc.

Laser Quantum inc.

Multimedia water show producer and aquatic and laser special effect munufac...

Logo blanc - OVA


OVA's StellarX is the best tool out there for non-programmers to develop th...

Logo blanc - Matane Productions

Matane Productions

Matane Productions provides specialized production services as well as the ...

Logo blanc - THE WALLRUS


Wallrus creates the best Social Walls

Logo blanc - Normal Studio

Normal Studio

Based in Montreal’s Mile-End, we define ourselves as a creative studio s...

Logo blanc - is specialized in interactive and immersive technologies.

Logo blanc - Daily tous les jours

Daily tous les jours

Daily tous les jours creates large-scale interactive installations driven b...

Logo blanc - Studio Hello

Studio Hello

Idea Architecture & Organizational Poetry - Prototyping tommorow

Logo blanc - Iregular


Iregular is a Montreal-based studio founded in 2010. Working at the interse...

Logo blanc - Outbox


Development of web applications for the sale of event tickets.

Logo blanc - Illogika


- Video Games - AR /VR - Interactive booth

Logo blanc - Les Grands Ballets

Les Grands Ballets

Organizes and broadcasts classical and neo-classical dance performances.

Logo blanc - Tribu Expérientiel

Tribu Expérientiel

Adrenalin and entertainment!

Logo blanc - BLVD-MTL INC


Production and postproduction house specialized in interactive content crea...

Logo blanc - Noctura


Noctura creates immersive experiences to surprise and amaze.

Logo blanc - Connect&GO


Connect&GO is a global leader of RFID deployments in the leisure, spor...

Logo blanc - ImmerVision Inc.

ImmerVision Inc.

Wide-Angle lens design customised to specific applications/products, Image ...

Logo blanc - Studio Baillat

Studio Baillat

Baillat is a multiplatform production and design studio based in Montreal .

Logo blanc - Zú

Build a dynamic and creative community, incubate companies, develop content...

Logo blanc - L’Éloi


L’Éloi is a talent agency and an integrated production house

Logo blanc - Société des arts technologiques [SAT] / Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]

Société des arts technologiques [SAT] / Society for Arts a...

Transdisciplinary centre dedicated to research, creation, production, educa...

Logo blanc - Anoki


If you can imagine it, we can make it happen! Our unique approach to equipm...

Logo blanc - Montréal en Histoires

Montréal en Histoires

Montréal en Histoires develops projection circuits, content and a history-...

Logo blanc - TEK-L inc

TEK-L inc

Innovative solutions, Project management, Business architecture, Science, t...

Logo blanc - PIXMOB


PixMob creates immersive crowd experiences thanks to proprietary light-up w...

Logo blanc - Le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles / Quartier des Spectacles Partnership

Le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles / Quartier des Spe...

Live, Learn, Create and Entertain Downtown

Logo blanc - The 7 Fingers

The 7 Fingers

Collective specialized in creation, production and presentation of shows an...

Logo blanc - XYZ Technologie Culturelle

XYZ Technologie Culturelle

Custom-designed audiovisual solutions

Logo blanc - PLAYMIND


Entertainment studio specialized in location-based turnkey games and immers...

Logo blanc - MASSIVart


MASSIVart is a Montreal based production & art direction agency, connec...

Logo blanc - Mishmash


Located in Montreal, Mishmash fulfills the vision of the investment company...

Logo blanc - Samajam


Samajam is the leading creator and producer of 200 % live participatory mus...

Logo blanc - FLOAT4


Multimedia installations: media architecture, facades, interactive video wa...

Logo blanc - Martin & Vleminckx Ltée.

Martin & Vleminckx Ltée.

Recognized as the outstanding roller coaster provider in China

Logo blanc - Le Patin Libre

Le Patin Libre

Unique contemporary ice skating company

Logo blanc - Le Carré des Lombes

Le Carré des Lombes

Organization of creation of original contemporary dance works

Logo blanc - HUB Studio

HUB Studio

HUB is a design studio specialized in creating multimedia experiences.

Logo blanc - Cinco


Cinco creates meaningful and lasting ways for brands to engage with consume...

This is Québec is a platform to discover Quebec and foreigns entrepreneurs. Original, surprising, unique and different, this event seeks to develop sincere and enduring relationships.

Limitless imagination. World renowned expertise. Infinite Possibilities.