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When storytelling and gamification generate human interaction.

About: 4elements

4elements creates collective experiences using technology to bring people together and spark emotion. We design multimedia shows, interactive installations, location-based games, and a new form of video games in the real world. Our experiences gamify spaces and become unique attractions or brand activations.
In a hyperconnected but increasingly virtual world, people are looking to live physical experiences. Audiences crave collective experiences that will create true, memorable and meaningful moments.
Our clients are cultural institutions, tourist attractions and brands. With them, we create interactive and immersive worlds that bring spaces to life through storytelling and gamification. We believe that the key to engage people resides in our ability to awaken all their senses and empower them to influence the experiences that they live. 
Let’s create together a spectacular experience to attract, engage and amaze your public.

Our Expertise:

  • Gamification
  • Interactive installations
  • Location-based games
  • Multimedia Shows
  • Video games in the real-world

4elements in pictures

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