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Audio Z is a creative audiopost house that brings together top-notch composers, sound designers, mixers and interactive web programmers.

About: Audio Z

Audio Z is a creative audio post whose mission is to produce and co-produce memorable music and sound content of the highest quality. 

We get involved from the inception of a project to the final mix on the premises. We sincerely believe that sound is intrinsic to any visual experience.

Some recent creations include: the musical and sound creation of the "Bonhomme's Dream" at the Quebec Carnival, the scoring for the permanent show of the Guangzhou International Circus , Léonard Cohen at the MACM, composition of music and sound environment for the Cité de l'énergie, the Trinity virtual reality experience, Montréal en Histoire and the Phanta Light Festival in Beijing.

We developed a multi-format digital distribution and subtitling platform across Canada:

Our new web base application meets the needs of content creators who want to increase the audio quality of their Facebook, YouTube, podcasts, audiobooks, movies and commercials. Artificial intelligence and sound mixing are at the heart of our new project: Microwave Studio, developed and tested in the studio on thousands of commercials by Audio Z mixers.

We offer a complete sound postproduction service: dubbing, casting, ADR, etc.

We did sound design or music of a multitude of advertising campaigns for major brands as: Acura / Aeroplan / Air France / Amex / Apple / Ax / Barilla / Bayer / Best Buy / BF Goodrich / BMW / Budweiser / Burger King / CAA / Campbell's / Canada Post / CCM / Colgate / Coors / Degree / Disney / Dolce & Gabbana / Duracell / Energizer / Epson / Esso / Estée Lauder / Expedia / Fedex / Ford / Gatorade / Gillette / GM / Government of Canada / Gucci / H & M / Home Depot / Honda / / HSBC / HTC / Hyundai / IBM / J & J / Kia / Kijiji / Kraft / L'Oreal Paris / Lexus / Maybeline / McDonald's / Mercedes / Mitsubishi / Nestle / Nissan / Nivea / Old Navy / P & G / Pepsi / Pfizer / PFK / Phillip's / Purolator / Red Cross / Reebok / Shell / Starbucks / Stella Artois / Subaru / Suzuki / Tim Hortons / Toshiba / Toyota / Unilever / Visa / Volvo / Wal-Mart / Weight Watcher / Xerox

Our Expertise:

  • Music composition, sound design, mobile studio of customizable multi-channel mix on the premises, mix 5.1, VO recording, interactive programming, UDA / Actra production, contract management, FR and ANG localization, TV and radio distribution, multiformat video conversion, DCP, stock music.

Audio Z in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Audio Z

Tintin Rouillard

Business Development

Serge Laforest


800 rue du Square-Victoria, bureau 2603, BP329

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