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We draw on elements of theatre, cinema and exhibit to create multimedia installations.

About: cadabra

We specialize in visual storytelling to engage audiences through the full spectrum of their senses, connecting them more fully to each experience. We partner with you at every step of the way to reveal the strengths and unique facets your story has to offer, creating customized experience design that reflects who you are and your content’s true potential.

We use a wide range of channels, media and communication methods to craft your narrative. Our projects are highly interactive, drawing on light, sound, video, stage design and special effects to create breathtakingly immersive moments. Together, we build an interactive multimedia experience that welcomes, entertains, teaches or amazes, and leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime.

In an era of rethinking spaces as areas of connection, community and creativity, we can help you develop experiential destinations that come alive with welcoming appeal. From your workspaces to spots intended for learning, entertainment or simply for living life, we partner with a vast variety of people from all horizons but mainly from the Cultural, Tourism, Real Estate & Cities industries.

As evidenced by our Tektonik project in Percé in Gaspésie, a UNESCO Geopark, where the rocks reveal their stories to us, this destination is a popular and critical success as proved by its traffic and its many prizes won. Palava, this developing city in India which gave us the mandate to create a unique experience allowing potential buyers to experience the city through an immersive and multisensory experience, this experience has become a must for this promoter in his sales journey.


Our Expertise:

  • Museums
  • Cultural centers
  • Science centers
  • Visitor centers
  • Theme parks
  • Public spaces
  • Heritage spaces
  • Sale centers
  • Architectural multimedia installation (interior & exterior)

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This is Québec is a platform to discover Quebec and foreigns entrepreneurs. Original, surprising, unique and different, this event seeks to develop sincere and enduring relationships.

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