Centre d’Échange Culturel Chine-Canada

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To support the development of markets, public and distribution on the Chinese and Asian territories.

About: Centre d’Échange Culturel Chine-Canada

The China-Canada Cultural Exchange Center (CCCEC) is a non-profit organization which mission is to support the development of markets, public and distribution on the Chinese and Asian territories.

To support the development of markets and the export of performing arts in China

To support the promotion and export of digital projects of Quebec in China

To promote contemporary creations as well as educational, cultural and artistic projects

To offer consultation services and personalized coaching for Chinese market

Our Expertise:

  • Operator of development and realization The CCCEC acts as an operator of market development and tours. It is dedicated to artists, agencies and production companies.
  • Lowering of development costs With our expertise on China and our distribution market, we have already produced tours while decreasing or eliminating the expenses of development (showcase, markets, etc.).
  • Sustainable and economic development This new business model relies on a development and a strategy of cost reduction by unifying strengths which optimize the efficiency of developments and realizations: to cover a bigger territory in China with a better penetration and decrease the operation costs.
  • Strategy of digital promotion To develop a collaborative digital platform for the promotion and visibility of the event adapted to Chinese social media

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Saint-Gabriel de Brandon (Québec)

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President - Centre d’Échange Culturel Chine-Canada

Haiying Song


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