Envision Management and Production

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Envision is a creative artist management and production company that works with boundary-breaking, musical and multi-disciplinary artists and productions.

About: Envision Management and Production

Founded in 2002 by Ryhna Thompson, Envision Management and Production is a multifaceted company that works with boundary-breaking musical, multidisciplinary artists, projects and organizations, on a global scale. Our skilled team has proudly worked with over 40 internationally-acclaimed artists, contributing to the growth and sustainability of long-term careers. We have spearheaded the realization of dozens of live musical and multidisciplinary productions and tours, films, video games, soundtracks, graphic novels, interactive projects and conference panels. Our focus is on making artistic visions realities and sharing them worldwide. Envision is a hands-on partner, with the capacity and experience to be involved in all stages of an artist’s career - and in project phases ranging from conception, to development, to preproduction, to production, to dissemination.

Our Expertise:

  • management, production, music, touring, experimental, performing arts, multi-disciplinary, live, platform, art-focused

Envision Management and Production in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Envision Management and Production

Ryhna Thompson

President & Founder

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