Flip FabriQue

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Join Flip FabriQue, the astonishing young company, rising star of the new circus!

About: Flip FabriQue

Born of the dream of young circus artists in November 2011, Créatzirque (Flip FabriQue) has since become a must in the circus world, both nationally and internationally. This company has formed itself around the common aspirations of a group of friends from the professional circus circles, united to create shows in their image incorporating their personal experiences and especially exploiting the full potential of each. Flip FabriQue is composed Artists of international caliber who have the experience of several hundred performances with, among others, the prestigious Cirque du Soleil et Cirque Éloize.

Their shows draw inspiration from their individual and common history, deal with the choices of life that they made. Behind our artistic vision, there is a story of friendship, real and palpable. The emotions transmitted in a show must be genuine so that the public feels them. We act by ourselves, without hiding behind a character. In this way, we can create real links between the artists on the stage. The autobiographical aspect is important: the narrative frame sticks to our lives, follows our experiences, evolves with us. This is how Flip FabriQue plans to reach out to people by sharing the experiences of the public, lives talking to lives, hearts to hearts, bodies to bodies.

Flip FabriQue wants to communicate joy, play and friendship.

Our Expertise:

  • Show Producing
  • Tour Shows
  • Permanent Shows
  • Corporate Shows, Showcases and events
  • International Tours

Flip FabriQue in pictures

québec (Québec)

Bruno Gagnon

Chef executive officer

Pierre Michelin



33 1 53 89 08 44

Theresa Vibberts


USA- New York


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