Laser Quantum inc.

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Multimedia water show producer and aquatic and laser special effect munufacturer.

About: Laser Quantum inc.

Laser Quantum has been a creative producer of aquatic multimedia shows for the past 25 years, and we are also a fountain and water effects manufacturer. Our unique modular system allows us to offer cutting-edge, flawless technology for your event. From our HD water screens to our robotized fountains and large-scale mist systems, all our effects are driven by our proprietary software: Fountain Studio™ and Fountain Simulator 2™. This means we have full control of the production process, from your vision to your spectacular multimedia water show. From concept development to the grand premiere, our team is dedicated to your project.

Our Expertise:

  • Multimedia water show producer. Water screen, fountain, laser effect munafcturer.

Laser Quantum inc. in pictures

laval (Québec)

President - Laser Quantum inc.

Jean Stephan Groulx

Vice President

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