Le Patin Libre

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Unique contemporary ice skating company

About: Le Patin Libre

Created in Montreal in 2005 by Alexandre Hamel, Le Patin Libre is the only and first contemporary ice skating company. Their unique approach revolutionized this practice. To reach the general public, the company offers a wide variety of outreach activities, such as workshops, classes, and on-ice dance parties.

The collective is composed of figure skating champions. They regrouped with the intention of transforming their athleticism into a mean of free expression, far from sparkles and stereotypes of this genre. Many said that they fuse the virtuosity of figure skating with the intelligence of contemporary dance and the energy of urban dances.

Their most recent program, Vertical Influences, was acclaimed many times in some of the most prestigious artistic festivals in North-America and Europe, such as London's Dance Umbrella Festival (U.K.), Le théâtre de la Ville in Paris, Macao Arts Festival and coming up this season, the Jacob’s Pillow Dance (U.S.A.).

In 2015, Le Patin Libre won the Edinburgh Festival Total Theatre Award and was nominated for the National Dance Award in the UK.

Le Patin Libre’s performances are accessible to all audiences. It can be presented in sports arenas, on outdoor or indoor temporary ice rinks, and even on shopping malls ice. Set-up is quick and efficient, avoiding disrupting the regular use of the rink.

Enjoy the pleasure of the ice, and the magic of gliding with Le Patin Libre.

Our Expertise:

  • Contemporary Ice skating shows
  • Cultural mediation activities
  • Animation of on ice events
  • Choreographic workshops

Le Patin Libre in pictures


montréal (Québec)

President - Le Patin Libre

Bernard Dubreuil

General Director

Alexandre Hamel

Directeur artistique

Valérie Cusson

Agent de tournée

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