Martin & Vleminckx Ltée.

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Recognized as the outstanding roller coaster provider in China

About: Martin & Vleminckx Ltée.

Martin & Vleminckx, founded in 1984, is a world leader in the design, manufacture, fabrication and installation of traditional wooden roller coasters. The company also provide ride installation, ride distribution, construction management, ride maintenance and attraction relocation services to clients around the world. Martin & Vleminckx have proudly been involved in the creation of numerous world record breaking attractions.

In 2009, Martin & Vleminckx delivered the first wooden roller coaster in China. They are established as the leading wooden roller coaster manufacturer, responsible for 11 out of 15 wooden coasters in China. Martin & Vleminckx won  the prestigious International Outstanding Roller Coaster Supplier award at the 2017 Asia Attractions Gold Crown event. Their portfolio of wooden coasters allow for a variety of styles, including out and back, twister and even twin tracked racing layouts. Whether it’s on a flat piece of land, twisting through other attractions, or on a steep hillside, Martin and Vleminckx can create wooden coasters to fit any park’s landscape.

Our Expertise:

  • Wood coaster manufacturing, ride installation, coaster repair & refurbishment

Martin & Vleminckx Ltée. in pictures

Mont-Royal (Québec)

President - Martin & Vleminckx Ltée.

Alain Vleminckx


Pierre Cloutier

Vice-President and CFO

+1 514 733-0060

Chuck Bingham

Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Sales

+1 407 361-0005

Owen Yao

Chinese Representative

+86 1502 178 8420

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