Maxime Damecour

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temps!réel is a portable kinetic sculpture platform that manipulates the motion of physical materials in the same way as a video edit ways similar to video editing. The sculpture is formed from materials such as thin cables or plastic meshes supported by a machine designed to simplify its deployment. The result is a physical material in a motion that creates a very sharp blurring of reality.

About: Maxime Damecour

Maxime Damecour is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal who is committed to use and promote free (libre) software. His projects emerge from his curiosity and creative use of various technologies, and by leveraging human perception. After co-founding the Foulab hackerspace in 2008 he began focusing on developing art projects while doing a bachelors in Intermedia/Cyberarts at Concordia University. His practice takes a holistic approach where software, hardware, transportation, and installation are important parts of the work. His work has been featured at festivals such as the Mapping Festival Geneva, Digital Life Roma Europa, Biennale Némo Paris, Piksel Festival Bergen, ELEKTRA Festival Montreal. Maxime also works on immersive rave installations under various aliases, always working with his own tools notably Freeliner, a live projection mapping software that focuses on improvisation. 

Our Expertise:

  • Digital art

montréal (Québec)

President - Maxime Damecour

Maxime Damecour


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