Minority Media

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VR studio focused on Location-Based Entertainment with brands like TRANSFORMERS

About: Minority Media

Established in 2010, Minority is an award-winning creator of turnkey Multiplayer Virtual Reality Platforms for Location Based Entertainment (LBE) that offers the highest revenue for operators thanks to the unique Curb Appeal, the smallest Footprint in its class, and the outstanding quality of the content. The company has game systems currently in operation in the US, Canada, Mexico and Asia.

In January 2020, Minority is launching TRANSFORMERS: VR BATTLE ARENA in collaboration with Hasbro. Until now the big brand VR experiences have only been offered in tourist venues and big cities as standalone destinations, but thanks to Minority Media's VR platform, the blockbuster brand TRANSFORMERS can be brought to locations everywhere so fans can have a chance to enjoy this incredible experience in their hometown.

Minority’s team consists of many of Canada’s best video game makers. These innovators include the creators of some of the world’s leading game franchises, including FIFA, Batman, Splinter Cell, Rainbow 6, GTA, Deus Ex, Assassin's Creed, and many others.

Our Expertise:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Entertainment
  • Multiplayer VR Game Systems
  • Location-based VR Solutions

Minority Media in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Minority Media

Minority Media


Michael Zaidan

Vice-President, Business Development and Global Sales

5377 St Laurent Blvd

+1 5148428001

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