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Simplest solution for businesses to deploy contactless and multimedia tours

About: MySmartJourney

MySmartJourney's tool is the easiest way to display your multimedia content by contextualizing it in physical locations. Your teams can easily create, deploy and update interactive and engaging experiences with our web-based platform that doesn’t require programming.

Stream text, video, audio, augmented reality, links to external sites, quizzes, polls, 360-degree videos, etc. via physical access points that are then scattered around specific locations.

Visitors access the content with their phone without having to download an app. These access points require no maintenance, can be used indoors or outdoors, are reusable and relocatable. You can also infinitely reprogramme them in real time in order to change the content they display. 

Be autonomous with MySmartJourney! Bring customizable, affordable quality digital experiences to life, while accumulating unique and custom data about your visitors.

Among our clients there are Air Canada, Tourisme Montréal and many of Quebec's major museums.

Part of the MT Lab's first cohort, an incubator for innovation in tourism, culture and entertainment, MySmartJourney is for decision makers, creatives and project managers looking for an effective way to experiment, deploy and renew interactive and engaging experiences from the moment their ideas emerge without code line.

Our Expertise:

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montréal (Québec)

President - MySmartJourney

Isabelle Lopez

Founder & CEO

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