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We use 3D animation, motion capture, holography and artificial intelligence to offer unforgettable moments.


Neweb Labs uses 3D animation, motion capture, holography and artificial intelligence to deliver cutting edge digital experiences to our customers. We create and combine 3D animated resources with interactive holographic technology for use in concerts, events, social media, mobile applications and other branding activations. Our expertise in real-time animation is a major asset for the promotion of your products in the digital age. Neweb Labs' innovative technology allows you to integrate a high level of facial animation into your 3D projects, and we have a proven history of high level facial modeling development (with MOCAP editing). If you are looking to create an unforgettable experience and establish an emotional connection with your audience, contact us. Neweb Labs has created the world's first interactive holographic POP artist i.e Maya Kodes and offers brand activations for corporate events, conferences and festivals with the funny Talking Heads. We will soon unveil the first mobile visual virtual assistant application in 3D activated by artificial intelligence "Zamigo".

Our Expertise:

  • Original Character Creation, 3D Animation, Motion Capture, Interactive Holography, Holographic Projections, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Mobile Application, Audio Recording, Satirical TV Series

NEWEB LABS INC in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - NEWEB LABS INC

Yves St-Gelais

President - CEO

Serge Landry

Director Business Development


Alda Kassa

Sales & Marketing Assistant

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