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Entertainment experiences and experiential marketing combining technology and performing arts.

About: Noctura

Noctura produces immersive experiences to surprise and amaze. Among its latest creations, one can find Manège la nuit, Elix, and the exhibit 60 Years of Fashion. Combining technology and performing arts, the studio creates interactive environments, brand experiences, illuminated pathways, and mapping projections.

With a solid advisory capability and a strong ability to deliver, Noctura quickly made its mark with innovative projects and major customers. For more info, visit

Our Expertise:

  • Immersion
  • Multi-sensorial
  • Multimedia
  • Projection mapping
  • Brand experience
  • Immersive theatre
  • Experiential marketing
  • Experiential design
  • Digital arts
  • Interactivity

Noctura in pictures

québec (Québec)

President - Noctura

Miriam Bard-Dumont

President and Co-Founder

Dave Massicotte

Creative Director and Co-Founder

+1 418 262-0599

This is Québec is a platform to discover Quebec and foreigns entrepreneurs. Original, surprising, unique and different, this event seeks to develop sincere and enduring relationships.

Limitless imagination. World renowned expertise. Infinite Possibilities.