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Architectural Lighting, Lighting Engineering, Urban Illumination

About: Ombrages

Ombrages is one of the largest Lighting Design agency in Canada. Our company features a diverse team of people, making us unique in North America. We work collaboratively with clients and the project team focusing on developing comprehensive and signature lighting solutions.

Specializing in the illumination of indoor and outdoor public spaces, hospitality, commercial and institutional spaces, Ombrages is known for our ability to create outstanding lighting ambiance by the play of light and shadow since 1999.

Lead by Mehdi Laieb, expert in the lighting industry for more than 28 years, the Ombrages team consists of international lighting designers, interior designers, scenographers, urban planners, programmer, architectural and heritage building specialists, as well as electrical engineers specializing in lighting.  Architectural integration, lighting enhancement and users’ visual comfort are the top priorities for each of Ombrages’ projects.

Our Expertise:

  • Lighting design, engineering, architectural integration, photometry, 3Dmodeling, infography, programming

Ombrages in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - Ombrages

Mehdi Laieb

CEO - Principal Lighting Designer

Joëlle Plamondon

Partner - Lighting Designer


+1 418 806-7347

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