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Working at the global level often comes with a lot of challenges : differences in the work culture, discrepancies in business practices, workflow and management issues… or just a matter of creating the right connection. Our vision is to help companies bridge the gap between Japan and the Western world, bring success and growth through international collaboration. For that matter, our company makes sure to partner with collaborators with solid and reliable experience working and living in a multicultural environment, to leave no room for misunderstandings.


Your business bridge to Japan
Whether you are a Western company looking to expand to the Japanese market, or a Japanese company looking to expand the other way around, Sun Bridge Inc. is there to help you in each and every step of your new venture.
From the early brainstorming sessions, market analysis, strategy meetings, to trade shows, location scouting for office space and first hires, we’ll be there to make sure nothing gets left to luck.

Our Expertise:

  • Business Development, Crosscultural negociation, Liason Bureau

SUN BRIDGE INC. in pictures

montréal (Québec)

President - SUN BRIDGE INC.

Akira Yamaguchi


François LEE

Associate Founder

7-1571 Rue de Champlain


Marc Bolduc


7-1571 Rue de Champlain


This is Québec is a platform to discover Quebec and foreigns entrepreneurs. Original, surprising, unique and different, this event seeks to develop sincere and enduring relationships.

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