Triple Boris

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Digital content development studio

About: Triple Boris

Triple Boris is a video games development studio, mobile applications, augmented reality, virtual reality and other digital content. From its studio in Varennes or on site, the company offers development, consulting and training services.

The team consists of: 12 developers, 3 artists, 1 designer and a management team. The core of the group is composed of veterans from the video game industry. The size of the team gives it flexibility that is appreciated by his clients. Behind each Boris lie thousands of hours of experience and the knowledge of all the individuals in the family.

Triple Boris has customers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland and United States. We have contributed to the development of mobile apps, mobile video games, console video games, augmented reality experiences, augmented reality experiences and a collaborative out-of-home multiplayer VR gaming prototype.

Need help digitizing your ideas, porting your games to other platforms, training your team to use Unity? Contact us.

Because we only have 3 lives to live!

Our Expertise:

  • C#/C++ Programming
  • Unity and Unreal game engines
  • 3D environments
  • 3D characters
  • Video game and mobile apps development
  • Training, consulting and development service
  • Augmented reality (AR) / Virtual reality (VR)

Triple Boris in pictures

Varennes (Québec)

President - Triple Boris

Simon Dansereau


Louis-Philippe Coutu

Directeur du développement des affaires

+1 514 312-9040

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