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Chongqing Performance Arts Group Co

Business History in Québec/Canada

Attend CINARS conference, invite Canadian artists to give performances in China, cooperate with Arts and Brinum-X.

Business History in USA

Line of business : Culture

Address : No.69, Cangbai Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

Website : http://www.cqpag.com

Country : China

Year established : 2010

Number of employees : 850

Companies you would like to meet or type/expertise of the business you'd be interested to meet :

International performance projects cooperation

 Light shows and some other shows with high-tech

Culture and Performance Companies

Visiting Person

Name : Zhu Kai

Title : President

Email : kadyzhu@cqperform.com

Phone : +8613908308213

Arrival date and time at Montreal : 19/05/2019 13:20

Departure date and time at Montreal : 25/05/2019 15:20

Main contact for communication purpose (if different of visiting person)

Name :

Title :

Email :

Phone :

Business outline

Company description :

We are a group company which involves in art business, performance marketing, theater operating, exhibition planning, stage design and manufacture, restoration for cultural relics, real estate development, movies and TV dramas investment and manufacture, art training, photography, artwork auction, and tickets sale.

Product / Service Information :

  • Product name:performance arts (traditional music, folk arts, acrobatics and ballet), arts creation, performance organization, cultural exchange activities.
  • Application: give performances at home and abroad.
  • Target customer: audience, performance agencies

Media consent form

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