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Business History in Québec/Canada

We’re on our first exploration to create business relations with Quebec and it’s booming entertainment and innovation industries.

Business History in USA

We have a close relationship with the music industry in the US, specially in relation with promotion of Live Entertainment shows & music festivals. 

Line of business : Live Entertainment

Address : Durango 179, col. Roma, cp. 06600, CDMX, Mexico.

Website : gruposicario.co

Country : Mexico

Year established : 2007

Number of employees : 400

Companies you would like to meet or type/expertise of the business you'd be interested to meet :

Companies that have developed or are currently developing innovative solutions to improve the live entertainment costumer experience throughout the whole user experience & journey, specially regarding the pre/post event CRM. 

Visiting Person

Name : Fernando Gomez Candela

Title : Marketing Director

Email : fernando@sicario.tv

Phone : +52 1 55 35 66 18 51

Arrival date and time at Montreal : 20/05/2018 07:00

Departure date and time at Montreal : 27/05/2018 23:00

Main contact for communication purpose (if different of visiting person)

Name :

Title :

Email :

Phone :

Business outline

Company description :

We're a business group focused on Live Entertainment products & services with an extensive involvement in experiential marketing, PR & content marketing solutions. Our group also owns high end foodservice/bar brands. 

We're the creators and developers of Festival Ceremonia in Mexico City, Limantour (World's 50 Best Bars), Sicario Music & C^RTEL (with clients such as Ab Inbev, Diageo, Televisa, etc.). 

Product / Service Information :

  • Music events & festivals
  • Talent management / Talent buy
  • Advertising Agency with focus in Gen Y/Z & Live Entertainment solutions. 
  • Communications (PR / Media / Influencer Marketing)

Media consent form

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