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NOMURA Co., Ltd.

Business History in Québec/Canada

Business History in USA

Line of business : Interior Design & Space Creatinon (Construction)

Address : 2-3-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8622

Website : https://www.nomurakougei.co.jp/english/

Country : Japan

Year established : 1892

Number of employees : 996

Companies you would like to meet or type/expertise of the business you'd be interested to meet :

We would like to meet a company has unique vision and its outcomes especially the firm has strength for interactive technology and performance, but also place high importance on concept and story.

Though our business is worldwide, our company is mainly based on Japan and Asia, so we'd like to know the company who has interest on going Japan and Asia.

Visiting Person

Name : Takahito Abe

Title : Commercial Planner

Email : tak.abe@nomura-g.jp

Phone : +81-8022725817

Arrival date and time at Montreal : 19/05/2018 00:00

Departure date and time at Montreal : 26/05/2018 00:00

Main contact for communication purpose (if different of visiting person)

Name :

Title :

Email :

Phone :

Additional tickets

Name : Shoko Miyazaki

Title : Planner

Email : s.miyazaki@nomura-g.jp

Phone : +81-8080738196

Business outline

Company description :

We are the largest company on the filed writing below in Japan.

Our business is research, consulting, planning, design, layout, creation, and construction to create facilities
that attract visitors, as well as revitalization, operation, and management of various facilities
and events.

We have to say once you land on Japan, it is impossible not to visit the space we create.

From the lounge and the shops in airport to VIP residence, we are always challenging to create one of a kind places and active in the front lines in Asia.

Product / Service Information :

・Specialty Stores: Retail shops, restaurants, services, medical facilities
・Department Stores and Merchandise Stores
・Commercial Complexes and Shopping Centers
・Public Relations and Sales Promotion: Showrooms, company museums, exhibitions, POP advertising, novelties
・Museums: Science museums, memorial halls, archives, local museums, art galleries
・Leisure Facilities: Hotels and wedding halls, theme parks, amusement parks and facilities, sports facilities
・Expositions and Creative Events: International expos, domestic expos, trade fairs, exhibitions, conference events
・Others: Public spaces, monuments and signs, decorations, workplaces

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