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Business History in Québec/Canada

When Canadians think of Panasonic, they often think of consumer products like televisions, audio/video equipment, and microwave ovens; however, Panasonic is more than home entertainment and household appliances, supplying comprehensive solutions to business markets from public safety to healthcare to housing.

A subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, Panasonic Canada Inc. (PCI) employs approximately 400 Canadians across the country and provides over 2,000 products and solutions designed to meet consumer, business, and industrial needs operating under the following business divisions in Canada:

Consumer Division
Delivers on our guarantee of engineering high-quality home solutions that help improve the lives of consumers every day, including VIERA televisions with outstanding 4K picture quality, award-winning Lumix digital cameras, and induction cooktops that cook food perfectly with the help of revolutionary infra-red sensors.

Enterprise Solutions Division
Delivers a variety of integrated business technology solutions to customers in government, public safety, oil and gas, healthcare, production, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises, large and small. Offerings include mobile computing, security and surveillance systems, visual display solutions and business communications.

Home & Building Solutions Division
A broad offering designed to meet the needs of Canadian residential and commercial builders and developers, and the renovation market. Products range from major appliances, storage and organization solutions to HVAC, building materials, insulation and plumbing, among others.

Industrial Division
Supplying motors, automation controls, batteries, relays, switches, passive components and semiconductors to meet the specific design needs of manufacturing in industries ranging from consumer electronics and telecommunications to computer parts, appliance and security equipment, and battery powered products.

Business History in USA

Line of business : Electronics industry company

Address : Panasonic Corporation, 1-15 Matsuo-cho, Kadoma City

Website : https://panasonic.net/cns/mebd/

Country : Japan

Year established : 1918

Number of employees : 257533

Companies you would like to meet or type/expertise of the business you'd be interested to meet :

Interested in 

-SI companies related to Themed Park as Triotech

-Multimedia companies as Moment factory, Normal etc...

-Rental & Staging companies as Solotech inc

-Show Entertainment companies as Cirque du Soleil 

Visiting Person

Name : Yoshiteru HARA

Title : Manager

Email : hara.yoshiteru@jp.panasonic.com

Phone : +819050493027

Arrival date and time at Montreal : 19/05/2019 00:00

Departure date and time at Montreal : 28/05/2019 00:00

Main contact for communication purpose (if different of visiting person)

Name :

Title :

Email :

Phone :

Business outline

Company description :

Connected Solutions Company (under Panasonic HQ)

In the six priority business segments "Distribution", "Logistics", "Entertainment", "Public", "Avionics" and "Manufacturing", we provide "connected values" to our B2B customers.

Product / Service Information :

Providing solutions as below

  • Development/Manufacturing/Sales of products
  • System Integration/Installation/Support and Maintenance
  • Service and Operation

Target areas are
Aviation, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Retail, Logistics and Public

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